Degabriel is a women's accessory label dedicated to the craftsmanship of unique leather bags for a feminine and determined woman.

Degabriel is born with the last name of its lead designer and represent through its whole activity and the designs the excellence, the elegance and above all, being unique and contemporary.

The brand starts its activity in 2018 in Madrid , where Delle , the icon bag of the firm , sees the light. Each piece is defined with a sense of refined ease and elegant aesthetic , formulating a fresh and forward-looking interpretation of luxury made in Spain.



 We pride ourselves on producing small collections, at a slow and environmentally-friendly fashion favor. This allows us time to think, be inspired and manufacture our products in an artisanal way. Our mission and vision for the future is to use as few plastics and paper as possible throughout the process. Our core material is the leather which is a natural and organic product, used by humanity throughout history for its nobility and resistance.


Our products focus on design and the creation of something beautiful, unique pieces that transcend time. Limited products that represent and inspire us. More than a brand, we want to be an element that unites good design with ethical craftsmanship. Designed for daily use, each product is carefully created by our artisans to elevate any look.


We have invested and studied each product without limits. The extreme quality and finishes of our natural materials are the essence of good design and that is why we want to create timeless pieces that respond to a better world and to future generations who want positive change for society and the environment.